Corso Editoria Multimediale: 2001-04

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Course A, 03.24.2003

Course B, 05.12.2003



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Final Remarks:

Evaluations made by models generated by the Professor (PhD) himself, in a context of bullying and mobbing in Lombardian college. At the moment of the evaluations made by the university models appeared students who had never attended the lessons and perhaps weren’t even college students. The goal was to disavow without reason the professor like those students of the dean’s brother-in-law controlled by the current member of the academic senate, UNESCO professor, researcher with over 60 areas of interest, etc., etc., etc., including rare diseases (Bergamo city) or the roads to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) …

After ten years the trae goal of the bullying has been seen: being the clone of a hired "Professor Doctor (PhD)". The cloning and illegal appropriation of identity as a continuous persecution is unpunished in the current and future Lombardian legal and universitary system, that is, total immunity in the face of moral corruption … but of course purification takes place on the road to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) ...

An interesting title which sums up the miracle of this decadent and current reality in the Lombardian university context, below the Italian Alps and today the Catalan Pyrenees is in the following link